Spanish BlackJack

Spanish BlackJack

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  • Players get to double their stake on any cards even after taking the split
  • Extended betting limits
  • Players can bet up to two hundred credits per hand
  • Wagering requirements for bonuses make getting an edge near impossible

After describing the main rules, I will highlight the differences with the official version. In the second part of this Spanish Blackjack review I will take a quantum leap, describing the basic strategy table and its functionality in the economy of the game. Finally before concluding I will enter the world of the demo version.

These are the tools you have at your disposal to be able to compete with the dealer. Remember that the dealer always has a small advantage, especially if the game involves the use of several decks of cards ๐Ÿƒ‹. To compensate for this, a new feature has been introduced. Find out what it is by reading the next paragraph.

Spanish Blackjack Rules

Spanish Blackjack Rules
RTP: 99.51%
Blackjack pays: 3:2
Number of decks: 8
Rule for the croupier: Call with soft 17
Peek of the croupier: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Surrender: Yes
Split: Yes
Re-split: Yes
Double: Yes
Double after split: Yes
Hit with split axes Yes
Side Bets: No
Multihand: No

The game starts with your bet. The value of the chips ranges from 1 to 200. The challenge is a head to head with the bank with the objective of reaching 21. The rules of Spanish Blackjack follow a thread of continuity with the classic version, however there are features that give rise to different game dynamics. No side bets are available but there is more freedom in doubling down. Without making additional bets you compete to win some bonuses.

Another structural difference refers to the absence of the 10. Blackjack will only take shape with aces and figures. The latter pays ๐Ÿ’ณ as usual 3:2. The following combination is unbeatable, and even in case of a tie, it will be the player who will have the upper hand. A different payout will be given according to the number of cards that will make up your blackjack: 3:2 with 5 cards, 2:1 with 6 cards, 3:1 from seven cards and up. The presence of bonuses is an added incentive to try to play to effect, which is why the dealer is obliged to call with 17 soft.

As is customary in the presence of pairs, splitting is allowed; the doubling rule does not change after splitting. Cards may be split a maximum of three times, resulting in four independent games. An additional bonus will reward the formation of scales and triplets of 7. Payouts range from 3:2 in case of different suits, 2:1 with the same suit and 3:1 with only spade cards.

Matches are played with a bit more recklessness, which is why there are several defensive options. In addition to the usual insurance the so-called surrender mode is available. The player can decide to abandon the game and lose only 50% of his budget. The RTP index is in the medium-high range: 99.65%.

Spanish Blackjack: Game Strategy

To give order and balance to your games you will have to rely on the basic strategy chart. The composition of the chart presents some differences from the classic version. The very nature of the game, characterized by the presence of bonuses, pushes players to force their hand ๐Ÿคš in search of the winning combination.

Spanish Blackjack strategy therefore differs from the traditional game. Among the many choices to be made, the one that gains the most weight refers to the continuous doubling. The absence of the 10 and the bonuses ๐Ÿ’ฐ linked to the formation of 21 with more cards, radically change the strategic approach to the games.spanish-blackjack-strategia

The absence of side bets is largely compensated by bonuses and freedom during doubles. The split policy remains unchanged. To become familiar with these new features, it is essential to play Spanish Blackjack for real money, only after having carefully studied the basic strategy table.

In the next paragraph I will describe in detail the features of the trial version, the only tool you have available to improve your performance. In the meantime with the aim of limiting losses, you can select one of the promotional offers available around. Our choice fell on Betway, thanks to a package of three bonuses, with 100% on the first deposit and the possibility of winning ๐Ÿ’ธ up to C$ 1,000. For more information read my review.

Free Spanish Blackjack: the game demo

There are a lot of rules to memorize, especially those that refer to bonuses. The basic strategy table undergoes changes because of the absence of the 10 and because of the use of 8 decks of cards per round. It will be essential to play Spanish Blackjack for free and make multiple doubles without worrying about the budget.

Microgaming, the software house behind this game, has decades of experience in the gambling industry. The detailed graphics make for a truly enjoyable gaming experience. You can select the same bet for all rounds, without worrying about placing a different bet each time. The games are individual, as there is no multi-hand mode, so you will need more time to master the controls.spanish-blackjack-demo

The vocation of this particular variant tends towards action gaming. This aspect will inevitably influence your playing style. You will need the right training to play at par with the dealer: the demo version will be your gym. It will be a lot of fun trying to win the bonus by chasing the 7 of spades.

While waiting for the regulation games, you can consult the basic strategy table and practice with doubles. You will have the opportunity to resort to the fateful quota 21, with the intention of collecting as many cards as possible. It will be essential to take care of all the details and be ready for the appointment that counts.

Final Evaluations

You have come to the end of this review dedicated to one of the most popular variations of blackjack. I have laid out the main rules and delved into the crucial question of basic strategy. My team of experts has verified the accuracy of the official data starting with the payout data.

The rules are inspired by the classic version. Side bets are absent, but there are other aspects that make the games very eventful. If you want to discover the characteristics of some other variants take a look at the table below. You will find all the details, starting with the production house and the final rating.

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The final judgment is positive, there will be no risk of getting bored. You will find this Microgaming game in the best sites for online blackjack with all security systems. We recommend that you consult the table of basic strategy, taking advantage of the demo version, before making bets with real money.

After completing a period of training, it would be appropriate to choose a welcome bonus ๐ŸŽ to contain the maximum risk of loss. Among the many we have our eyes on that of Betway equal to 100% on the first deposit up to a maximum of C$ 1,000. The minimum initial deposit is C$20 and the wagering requirements are 50x.