Single Deck BlackJack

Single Deck BlackJack

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  • The low house edge
  • Popular card counting systems Hi-Op
  • The highest chances of winning
  • Many casinos give 6:5 payouts for a blackjack rather than 3:2

Another important thing you need to know: in this Single Deck Blackjack review there is also a fun mode version of the game that will allow you to quietly practice on this RNG table without spending a penny. All this will come in handy later on when you bet with real money and that’s why I suggest you don’t miss this opportunity. Apart from that, testing the game without putting your hand to your wallet πŸ‘› is especially useful to understand if a certain product meets the characteristics you are looking for in it.

All the rules of Single Deck Blackjack

RTP: 99.69%
Blackjack pays: 3:2
Number of decks: 1
Rule for the croupier: Hit with 17 Soft
Peek of the croupier: Yes
Insurance: Yes
Surrender: No
Split: Yes
Re-split: No
Double: Yes
Double after split: No
Hit with split axes: No
Side Bets: No
Multihand: No

In the following content I will explain in the simplest and most detailed way possible the rules of Blackjack Single Deck in order to give you a basic understanding of the game that will then allow you to easily go to action and test firsthand the tables of this article playful. Meanwhile, I should point out that, unlike other versions (as we have seen in the review of Blackjack Surrender) it is played with a single deck, although the aim of the game remains to score 21 points with cards or otherwise a value that can exceed that of the dealer.

To be more specific, in this version the rules oblige the dealer to call a card with a 17 Soft, while allowing him to stand with a 17 Hard. As far as the doubling option is concerned, it is allowed only if during the initial hand you have a 10 or an 11. During the first distribution of the cards πŸ‚‘ (and only during the first distribution of the cards) you can split, while the options of side bets and surrender are not contemplated. All this may seem at first glance a bit restrictive, but in fact the sobriety of the rules makes it particularly suitable for less experienced players.

Interesting to note the high rate of RTP (return to player) that certifies a margin of the house decidedly convenient, which makes it one of the most coveted games by our national users. All this is combined with the audio-visual quality typical of NetEnt products, able to ensure a gaming experience always pleasant and at the same time professional. Also interesting is the wide betting range that allows you to adopt different betting strategies, while card counting tactics are not feasible as they are shuffled at every turn.

An eye for basic strategies

As I have already mentioned in the previous paragraph between the rules of the Blackjack Single Deck there is the presence of a single deck that does not allow you to take special precautions related to card counting. On the other hand, you can use basic strategies to try to obtain a rate of return to the player as close as possible to the flattering 99.69% that characterizes this type of product. I have elaborated a table to save you time and I have inserted it here below: the advice is not only to consult it but also and above all to keep it at hand when you play on an RNG table.blackjack-single-deck-strategie

Although this is a very useful tool in your hands to use during your playing sessions, you should never forget that strategy in Single Deck Blackjack, as in any casino table, is not everything. In fact, experience and luck count for a lot, so it is very important not to take this table as a “bible” that will allow you to win all the time. Rather, the advice I can give you to minimize your initial investment is to opt for a bookie that offers a favorable welcome package. If you read our blackjack online, this is one of the most suitable for purists of the game.

Blackjack Single Deck for free: the demo version

As I announced in the previous paragraphs, in this Blackjack Single Deck review I have included a demo of this specific table to allow you to become familiar with the game without having any need to get your hands on your wallet. Try it now and stay connected to it as long as you can, try all your strategies and try to guess the dealer’s behavior following your every move. This sort of gymnasium is great for learning the rules of Single Deck Blackjack, so I suggest you take advantage of it as soon as possible.

Are you tired of playing Single Deck Blackjack for free and want to immediately go further and try betting for real? Actually, if you feel ready you really can, since there is no difference between the two versions of the table, except for the one related to the bankroll. Virtual in the demo fun mode, real in the Blackjack Single Deck variant with real money πŸ€‘. I always recommend a certain caution before making this fundamental step, but obviously the choice remains yours. What I can recommend here is always to bet and wager responsibly and to know your limits.blackjack-single-deck-versione-demo

My final opinions on this game

I have come to the end of this Single Deck Blackjack review and I intend as a result to provide you with a sort of concluding summary of my opinions on the subject. In light of all the features listed so far, I think I can say that this product is perhaps the most suitable for purists of 21. It does not get lost in frills and special rules, does not allow card counting strategies. Ultimately, it is perhaps the blackjack par excellence and, in fact, both professionals and less experienced players like it very much. The latter, learn quickly: the rules of Blackjack Single Deck, are actually very simple to understand.

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In the long run I know very well that playing Single Deck Blackjack for free can be boring, it lacks the thrill of the possibility of winning real money and cash πŸ’Έ. Nevertheless, do not be in a hurry and indeed, it is good to choose with some care the gaming platform where to spend your bankroll. Always look for an operator branded Unibet casino review. Maybe if you read it you’ll quickly discover that it is the casino for you.