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Perfect BlackJack

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Canadian Online Casinos ยป Perfect BlackJack
  • The average RTP is 99.58%
  • Played with a total of 6 decks
  • Fast Play option
  • Aces can not be re-split

In the second part of this Perfect Blackjack review, we will describe in detail all the rules and analyze the main game strategies. To become familiar with both aspects, it will be very useful to rely on the demo version. Scheduling a training period to get acquainted with the software and the game controls is almost a must.

Using the trial version will minimize the chances of making mistakes. You will be able to put all your strategies into practice allowing you to force some plays without risking your budget. Now get comfortable because in the next few lines we will introduce all the rules of this special game.

The Perfect Blackjack Rules
RTP: 99.58%
Blackjack pays: 3:2
Number of decks: 6
Rule for the croupier: Stay with 17s
Peek of the croupier: no
Insurance: yes
Surrender: no
Split: yes
Re-split: no
Double: yes
Double after split: yes
Hit with split axes: yes
Side Bets: yes
Multihand: yes

Perfect Blackjack Rules

Even when playing with variants, the aim of the game is always the same: to get a higher score than the dealer, trying to reach 21. As in all variants there are nuances that differentiate the game from the original version. But now let’s see what Perfect Blackjack rules you need to memorize.

The bank will deal two uncovered cards to each player, and only one card for himself, always uncovered. At the same time as the initial bet, the player will choose to make a side bet. The choice will prove to be correct if two cards from the deck are identical, mixed or of the same color. From the type of pair you have in your hand will vary the prize available. But let’s find out in detail how these payouts change.

Side bets must be placed before you receive your cards. From this point on you will be participating in two separate games. In case the alternative bet fails, you can still continue playing traditional blackjack. In the case of a mixed pair you will receive a payout of 5:1, with a pair of the same color 10:1, while with a perfect pair the ratio will go up to 30:1.

Another feature related to the presence of a pair is to split the hand in two. You will find yourself playing two parallel games, with the possibility of calling more cards ๐Ÿ‚ก and reaching different scores in each slot ๐ŸŽฐ. Until the dealer reaches 17 you will be forced to call.

Doubling and insurance bets are also present to limit losses. Depending on the type of casino, the game can take place regularly with different decks of cards. Obviously, the ease of getting perfect pairs, mixed or the same color also depends on this factor.

Perfect Blackjack: Game Strategy

There are many nuances that characterize this game, so it is very complex to opt for an unambiguous strategy. The advice is always to take the basic strategy chart as a reference. In this chart you will get specific advice on your actions in the game: when to call a card, when to decide to stand, and when the right time to double down arises.

Your Perfect Blackjack strategy will undergo changes based on the number of decks you use to play. The calculation of probabilities will be the main ally of your tactics. The determining factor will be to be able to act with extreme coolness in the decisive moments.perfect-blackjack-strategia

A good playing strategy cannot be separated from a good training in the field. The goal is to minimize the risk of loss and play Perfect Blackjack with real money only after going through a trial period. As you know there is no such thing as zero risk and a player’s skill is also measured by his previous experience.

A wise choice to minimize the risk of loss is to select a good welcome offer ๐Ÿค‘. This way you can focus exclusively on your strategy. Among the many offers that we received we chose the bonus of William Hill: 100% on your first deposit up to C$ 1,000. To find out all the details of the bonus of the British operator, read our review.

Blackjack Perfect Blackjack for free: the game demo

After getting all the basics down, it’s time to get practical feedback. You will find a demo version of Perfect Blackjack for free in all the best casinos with the official ADM license. The playing experience is essentially identical to that of a real money game.

perfect-blackjack-demoThis is the only way you can experiment with your basic strategies and realize certain subtleties that make all the difference in real games. With the demo version you can experiment with side bets and go in search of the perfect pairs. You’ll better understand the reasoning behind some crucial decisions: stay, double or call cards.

The table with the basic strategy will be a tool to be used even with the demo version. Only in this way will you be able to manage certain automatisms and certain dynamics of the game that require a pinch of extra thought. After all, it is now common knowledge that only training allows you to obtain important results.

The demo version offers you a chance to hone your skills before showing up for the games that count. In real money sessions you’ll have little time to make important decisions. The house always has an edge, so it’s important to be ready and choose the right opportunity to double up.


Here we are at the end of this appointment dedicated to one of the many variants of this famous card game. After talking extensively about the rules, we introduced some basic notions of strategy. The game is produced by Playtech, a provider with thousands of employees and dozens of locations around the world.

The latest graphic layout brings out the typical casino atmosphere; the gaming experience evokes feelings similar to those of traditional gambling halls. If you want to try your hand at other variations, we can provide you with some great alternatives: we’ve selected a few titles, complete with ratings and a final review.

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Before making real money bets evaluate the RTP index. To familiarize yourself with the controls take a free trial ride with the demo version. If you want to try this game, only trust the casinos that have an official ADM license. Hone your tactics and remember that the banker always has a slight advantage.

You will find this game in the best online blackjack casinos around. Among all we have selected William Hill, thanks to a welcome bonus well structured: the 100% on first deposit up to a maximum of C$ 1,000. A good starting point for your gaming strategy.