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Multi-hand blackjack review: let’s discover the game together!

Page Contents

  • The rules how to play
  • Game strategies tips to win
  • Play for free try the demo here
  • Conclusions where to play for real money

This Multi-hand Blackjack review refers to the specific product that has been developed by Play’n GO, but it must be said that other similar products are present on Canadian casinos such as the Unibet and StarCasino platforms. There are therefore different multi-hand, although the rules of the game are universal in all these versions. Below you will find a demo version of the game that will allow you to train hard before making your bets with real money πŸ’°. So I suggest you read on and take advantage of it!

Multi-hand Blackjack Rules

RTP: 99.60%
Blackjack pays: 3:2
Number of decks: 2
Rule for the croupier: Stand with all 17
Peek of the croupier: No
Insurance: Yes
Surrender: No
Split: Yes
Re-split: No
Double: On hard 9, 10, 11
Double after split: No
Hit with split axes: Yes
Side Bets: Yes
Multihand: Yes

In this paragraph I will attempt to explain the rules of Multi-hand Blackjack, providing you with the rules that govern the conduct of gaming sessions. The first thing to point out is that you play with two decks of cards, something certainly not unusual: we had seen in the review of Blackjack Hi-Lo 13 that this version is also characterized by the presence of a double deck. The basic rules are the same as the classic game: you have to score 21 or a score that comes closest to it, avoiding getting high and always exceeding the score of the bank. The main feature of the Multi-hand version is certainly determined by the possibility of playing up to a maximum of 5 hands at the same time which makes it very attractive especially to professionals.

Other things to know: the dealer is forced to stand on all 17, doubles for the player are always possible on 9, 10 and 11 but never after a split. Surrender is not contemplated as a rule. Speaking of payments πŸ’΅ they are in the order of 1:1 for a regular blackjack, 3:2 for a canonical winning hand and 2:1 in the case of “insurance”. With regard to side bets, I would like to point out 7:1 for a mixed pair, 15:1 for a flush pair and even 30:1 in the case of a perfect pair.

These, in synthesis, are the generic Multi-hand Blackjack rules. Going more specifically to the Play’n GO product analyzed here, I would like to emphasize the customization options of the table that allow you to set features at will of the player. You can change the color of the table, add or remove the background sounds and also use additional features such as the automatic bet, very useful when you want to repeat the same bet several times. In short, the product leaves no room for any complaint confirming one of the titles blackjack most interesting of the scenario.

A table of strategies for you

blackjack-multi-hand-strategieAfter learning the rules of Multi-hand Blackjack, I think you are ready to study and use playing strategies that can help you during a hand and thus improve your profits. Indeed, the rate of return to the player of this version is extremely favorable and that is why perhaps using tactics is not a bad idea. I have summarized them in a sort of schematic table that you can see below. I hope it will be of help to you and above all easy to understand.

I don’t think you are so naive as to think that they are real magic formulas able to guarantee you guaranteed winnings. Especially the more experienced players will know that gambling is the product of three different factors: luck πŸ€, experience and tactics. Therefore, in the analysis of Multi-hand Blackjack, strategy plays an important role but not a fundamental one. I advise you to rely more on casino welcome bonuses 🎁 before raising the stakes and attempting your sorties. The ability to bet without investing too much is a good thing, especially at the beginning. If you have already read the review of StarCasino you will know that these two bookmakers offer a welcome package of all respect.

How to play Multi-hand Blackjack for free

blackjack-multi-hand-versione-demoI have already told you, in the beginning of this Multi-hand Blackjack review, about the demo version of this game. You can find it below and you can easily activate it by clicking on the Play icon. I recommend that you practice this product for a long time before moving on to real money play πŸ€‘. This will allow you to work out your playing tactics without putting your hands in your wallet, which is not negligible especially when you are not so familiar with the gameplay yet. I am sure that if you have carefully read the Multi-hand Blackjack rules that I have included in the previous paragraphs, you will not find it difficult to become averagely experienced and ready in a short time to face the RNG game in casinos.

After betting your virtual bankroll and playing Multi-hand Blackjack for free, I’m sure many of you will want to try your hand at the real thing. This version is indeed overwhelming for several reasons, among all the possibility of betting in a single session on five different hands. The gameplay is so varied that it is no wonder that at some point you have the desire to bet on Multi-hand Blackjack for real money. Of course, you should never be in a hurry. Join the casino only when you realize that you are ready. Responsible gaming, I will never get tired of saying, always comes first.

My conclusions

I have come to the end of this Multi-hand Blackjack review and I would like to quickly summarize my opinion of this product. In general I can tell you that I was pleasantly impressed by the gameplay as it really contemplates a large number of possibilities between insurance, side bets and the multi-hand option that distinguishes the game from all other 21 present in circulation. The specific Play’n GO product also has excellent customization features and a fluidity of the first order. I recommend it to everyone, ultimately.

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After betting on Multi-hand Blackjack for free for a long time, many of you will want to switch to the real money version, which is the purpose for which you train so much. On that note, a few recommendations before I take my leave: go in search of the right casino and pay special attention to the presence of ADM certification. Of course, if you see on the website of the bookie also logos of associations that deal with promoting responsible gaming as Gambling Therapy, you can really sleep soundly.