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Blackjack Hi-Lo 13 2022 review: table info!

Page Contents

  • The rules how to play
  • Game strategies tips to win
  • Play for free try the demo here
  • Conclusions where to play for real money

As I mentioned at the beginning of this Hi-Lo 13 Blackjack review in the middle of this content you will be able to find a demo version of this gaming table, which is very useful if you are not yet familiar with the rules and want to practice. You will realize the importance of these free gaming sessions when you start betting πŸ’΅ with real money. In the meantime, my advice is to use the classic strategies and work out new tactics in view of the more demanding challenges you will face in the casinos with your real bankroll. Take advantage of it!

An eye on the rules of Blackjack Hi-Lo 13

RTP: 99.60%
Blackjack pays: 3:2
Number of decks: 2
Rule for the croupier: Stand with 17 Soft
Peek of the croupier: No
Insurance: Yes
Surrender: No
Split: Yes
Re-split: No
Double: on hard 9-11
Double after split: No
Hit with split axes: Yes
Side Bets: Yes
Multihand: No

This variant of the game is as interesting as little widespread on the current casinos, although developed and distributed by a software house as famous ⭐ as Microgaming. Clearly, Canadian bookmakers also offer Hi-Lo tables branded by other smaller providers, but in this section I will focus on the rules of Blackjack Hi-Lo 13, as I consider it a product of superior level to all others. As we have seen during the The table of strategies.

After having briefly explained to you the rules of Blackjack Hi-Lo 13, I will provide you in this section with some strategy tables to keep at hand at all times during your playing sessions. These are the diagrams that will allow you to make full use of your experience and sensitivity as a player πŸ§” and to exploit the very high RTP rate that this product offers. Take a look at the image below, I hope it is easy to understand: I have included an explanatory legend in the margin to make it easier to read.blackjack-hi-lo-strategie

I would like to emphasize that this is certainly not some kind of secret scheme to always defeat the house. The more experienced of you will already know this, but to beginners I say: gambling is always a perfect combination of experience, tactics, but also and above all luck. By knowing the Blackjack Hi-Lo 13 strategy you can optimize your bankroll and this will surely have positive effects on your playing sessions. Another way to get off to a great start without compromising too much is to choose platforms with favorable welcome bonuses πŸ’°. If you have already read the Play Hi-Lo Blackjack 13 for free now.

In the incipit of this Blackjack Hi-Lo 13 review I had actually already informed you about the demo version of the game inserted on this page. It is an RNG product equal in all respects to the real money table. In fact, there is no difference in graphics or in the game equipment. However, the bankroll that is made available in fun mode is clearly virtual, just to allow you to use it without any worries and to make any move that comes to your mind, without worries. If you are well versed in the rules of Blackjack Hi-Lo 13, playing with this product for free will certainly give you the chance to become more experienced.

Did you enjoy discovering this table? Do you still want to play Blackjack Hi-Lo 13 for free or do you already want to get serious? I am sure that the most experienced and passionate of you have realized the potential of this version, which I personally consider one of the most exciting among the different.

A final evaluation on this game

Coming to the end of this review on Blackjack Hi-Lo 13 I think it’s time to summarize what I think about this table, although it is clear from the previous paragraphs my judgment. The Microgaming product that I have analyzed is in fact full of quality: excellent gaming equipment that allows different possibilities of customization of the table, excellent gameplay enlivened by side bets, splits, doubles and insurances, very smooth running of the game thanks to the excellent software. The regulation, although quite structured, is easy to understand and makes this title suitable for both beginners and professionals.

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If you’ve already played Hi-Lo Blackjack for free and want to take the plunge at a real casino where you can bet actual money, I can understand. However two pieces of advice to give you, don’t get me wrong. First of all do not be easily taken by enthusiasm, because playing on Global Gambling Guidance Group.