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Dragonara Roulette

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Canadian Online Casinos ยป Dragonara Roulette
  • Can view statistics for the previous 500 spins
  • The live chat feature means you can interact with other players
  • You can save your favourite bets and place them with one simple click
  • Interaction with the dealer is limited

There are no changes in the game dynamics, the rules are the same as the single-zero European roulette. You will have the possibility to communicate with the croupiers using the live chat ๐Ÿ’ฌ. The main camera focuses on the hands of the real players as they place their bets; only after the ball is thrown does the camera turn to the moving wheel. At the end of each round, all prizes won by individual players are revealed.

The minimum bet accepted is 1C$, while the maximum bet ๐Ÿ’ต reaches 2,000C$. In this way you will have wide margins of movement to structure your strategy. The payout value is in line with that of the main table games. Inside the Dragonara land-based casino you will experience an unprecedented gaming experience. Read the next paragraph of this Dragonara roulette review, to get a smattering of the main rules.

Dragonara online roulette: rules and details

Developer: Evolution Gaming
Game Type: Single zero
Bet limits: 1C$ – 2,000C$
Racetrack: Yes
Called Bets: No
Saved Bets: Yes
Faster game: No
Automatic Game: Yes
Extra features: Special bets

This live version is set in the famous Malta casino. Betting along with you will be the other real players, a decisive feature that contributes to increasing the adrenaline level. Otherwise, the rules of Dragonara roulette are the same as the European single-zero version. Even the payouts do not change, the maximum payout is 35:1 and the minimum payout is 1:1. It’s up to you to choose what kind of strategy to embrace.the last 500 numbers drawn on the wheel are visible. As it is a live streaming game, it is not possible to change the speed at which the individual rounds are played; moreover, you will have a set amount of time to place your bets. The graphical layout is fully customizable and once you’ve chosen a betting strategy, you can also take advantage of the automatic play mode.

The autoplay function is not static. You will be allowed to place additional bets, which will merge with those already in progress. You will also be able to double down without interrupting the autoplay function. You will have a personal menu where you can save up to 15 betting combinations, to be used in any table game produced by Evolution Gaming. As a purely symbolic reference point you will see a list of the so-called hot and cold numbers appearing on the wheel.

At the real Dragonara roulette online tables you will have the opportunity to observe the strategies of other players; and why not, take some kind of inspiration. Here is the real feature that makes this variant unique. My advice is to have a cautious approach, at least in the initial phase. Only after accumulating the right experience, you will be able to approach the bets on Orfanelli, series 5/8 and close to zero. For any kind of communication or to report malfunctions, you can use the live chat service and speak directly with the croupier.

Dragonara roulette for free: the demo

The game takes place completely live and therefore does not come with a demo version. To get specific information you will have to resort to the video preview. It will be important to get a general idea of the graphic layout before moving on to the regulation games. Knowing which keys to press to view statistics or activate the automatic play function is no small detail.

If you feel like trying Dragonara roulette free you will have to opt for one of the many bonuses available around. This way you will have all the time you need to concentrate on the game. It will be essential to prepare a basic strategy in order not to disperse all the initial budget. The different cameras will highlight all the most important details.dragonara-roulette-demo

It will be possible to change the video quality of the live streaming in case of unstable connections. The game is also available on mobile ๐Ÿ“ฑ. You can immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of a real casino directly from your device. In the video contribution you can see the different denominations of coins available to place your bets: 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 and 2,000.

You will have the possibility to cancel or double your bets, before the croupier decrees the end of the bets. Playing live you will have a predetermined time range between matches. That is why it is very important to conceive and save a game strategy, and then propose it always the same through autoplay. You will be able to make all the necessary changes even during the round.

Dragonara roulette bonus

In this umpteenth version, real players play alongside virtual ones. The number of the latter is indefinite. You will have at your disposal the classic scoreboards to place your bets. You will find this game in all casinos equipped with Evolution Gaming’s live platform. In this review I want to mention Mr Green and NetBet.

All the best gambling operators collaborate with the London-based software house. William Hill for example puts a very competitive offer on the plate: 100% on the first deposit, up to a maximum of C$1,000 ๐Ÿ’ฐ. Take a look at the official website for more details.

To play Dragonara roulette for real money you just need to register with one of the best Canadian online casinos and provide a regular ID. By taking advantage of the right welcome offer you will be able to kick off your new adventure by limiting your expenses as much as possible. At the same time you will be asked to select a payment method, to make deposits and collect your winnings ๐Ÿ†.

To fully enjoy William Hill’s bonus, you need to unlock all wagering requirements. What in technical jargon is referred to as replay is equal to 20x. In this case the roulette contribution is variable and ranges from 0% to 50%. The minimum deposit is C$10 and the offer ends 60 days after its activation. For more information see the official page.

Conclusion and final recommendations

You are in the home stretch of this umpteenth in-depth look at the major board games. I started from the rules listing the possibilities of play and the related payments. At the center of attention remained the exceptional peculiarity of this article signed Evolution Gaming. Being able to study the strategies of experienced players is no small detail.

The latest audio footage makes the aural environment of a real gambling hall audible. The quality of the live streaming is high definition. The graphical interface is simple and detailed. If you are planning to try other versions, here are three titles with a high rate of appreciation.

Take a look at the other reviews of Evolution Gaming’s signature games. The final verdict on this version of dual play roulette is extremely positive and it couldn’t be otherwise. Put on your headphones ๐ŸŽง and follow with your eyes the movements of the camera, you’ll feel like you’re alongside real players.

I recommend playing in the casinos with online roulette only after taking a look at the video preview. It will be essential to choose a good welcome offers before betting real money. Many operators provide inviting welcome offers. Without any doubt, this is the best way to fly to Malta.