Double Exposure BlackJack

Double Exposure BlackJack

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  • 99.68% RTP
  • Seeing both of the dealer’s cards ranks number one
  • Players are limited as to when they can double down
  • No pushes in this blackjack game

In this Double Exposure Blackjack Review you will find all the information you need to put together a worthy strategy. The demo version will be a valuable ally in this initial training period. Card games, especially when they are declined in alternative versions, need to be studied at their best and need a little extra practice.

Playing with the demo version you can afford to force some plays completely free. This is an unavoidable attitude in a variant where there are no covered cards; this factor makes the game even more exciting but at the same time complicates the ability to memorize the basic strategy.

Double Exposure Blackjack Rules
RTP: 99.33%
Blackjack pays: 1:1
Number of decks: 6
Rule for the croupier: Stay with Soft 17s
Peek of the croupier: no
Insurance: no
Surrender: no
Split: yes
Re-split: no
Double: Hard 9-11
Double after split: yes
Hit with split axes: no
Side Bets: no
Multihand: yes

Double Exposure Blackjack Rules

Here you are not only in the presence of yet another variant that takes its cue from blackjack. This time the change is radical, but not in the rules; a small detail completely upsets the philosophy of the game: all the cards on the table are face up, including those of the bank 🏦. The final objective is still to make 21, but with some differences: let’s see them together.

Double Exposure Blackjack rules are many and differ depending on the casino where you decide to play. The main difference refers to the reduced payout in the presence of blackjack: 1:1. The reason is simple, knowing the dealer’s score, you will know perfectly when it is time to pass or call card.

In case of a tie, the dealer will have the upper hand, except in the case of pure blackjack. Playing with different decks of cards will make it more difficult for you to form winning combinations πŸ†. You can also make doubles after the split. There are no side bets and we record a good payout level of 99.33%.

In this game you will have to be ready to risk until the last card. In the event that the dealer comes up with a 20 served, you will have no choice but to exceed that score. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a higher score, you’ll be much more likely to see your hands slip through the cracks due to over-eagerness or sins of inexperience.

Also in this variant the dealer can stop with a soft 17. With a score of 20 you can divide the hand into two. You will challenge the dealer on two different tracks: at the same time the chances of victory will increase. Since the cards on the table are already known, no insurance is possible. You can write off your initial expenses with one of the Double Exposure Blackjack: Game Strategy.double-exposure-blackjack-strategia

With the cards face up, the strategy changes dramatically. For mathematical reasons you can no longer take the table with the basic strategy as a reference. Calling cards or protecting one’s own score become almost taken for granted actions. You are in the presence of a very different conception of the game.

It will be almost useless to think of a Double Exposure Blackjack strategy if the dealer shows very high scores at the start. Knowing the value of all the cards πŸ‚­ , consulting the chart will be much more complex. Before you sit down at the table, remember that the dealer always has a small advantage in purely mathematical terms.

Playing with this variant will be much more complicated trying to limit the risks. That is why it is essential to take your first steps with Double Exposure Blackjack with real money only after testing the trial version. You will be able to make your doubles without having any kind of worries related to the budget.

To absorb even more losses you can recur one of the many welcome bonuses offered by the best online casinos. Among the many we have our eyes on the welcome bonus πŸ’° of Blackjack Double Exposure Blackjack for free: the game demo.

The best card combinations to dare doubling are generally 10 and 11. Of course, you have to evaluate the dealer’s score before proceeding. You can use the demo version of Double Exposure Blackjack for free to familiarize yourself with the controls and to try to make doubles even after the split.

We have not found any differences whatsoever between the demo version and the one designed to play with real money. The graphics are accurate to the smallest detail and so far there have been no cases of malfunctions. Spending a period of time with the demo version is a necessary condition to gradually approach this type of game.

Because of the fact that there are only face cards, consulting the basic strategy table is a bit more complicated. With the trial version, you can close all gaps and play the game more consciously. Just don’t jump into the games that count.

When the first card is dealt, the player already has a small percentage disadvantage against the dealer. You will have to be very focused and choose the right moment to launch the attack and try to double up. The demo version is the perfect tool to put your tactics into action.

Final Evaluations

You have almost reached the end of this review dedicated to one of the most famous variations of blackjack. We have described the main rules of the game and evaluated all the difficulties that arise from the strategic point of view, when you have only face cards available. You will find this table game in the catalog of NetEnt, the famous provider of Swedish origin, author of hundreds of titles for the online market.

Thanks to the detailed graphics, you will feel like you are reliving the same emotions that you feel when you walk through the door of any land-based casino . If, on the other hand, you would like to try your hand at other very similar games, you will find the names of some famous variants in the table below.

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We have tried to lucidly analyze the pros and cons of this game, providing all the official data starting with the RTP index. All that remains is for you to put into practice on the green carpet, all the notions that you have incamerated. Take advantage of the demo version to play for completely free.

Try the blackjack online for real money only in casinos with all the security systems. Among the many we decided to recommend StarCasino, an operator that stands out for the presence of promotional offers very competitive. We are talking about a bonus of 125% on the first deposit πŸ€‘ up to a maximum of C$ 500. One more opportunity to try the main variants of blackjack, limiting the risks as much as possible.