Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette

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This product maintains the same rules of the European roulette, the type in fact is a single zero. But there is a structural difference that revolutionizes the philosophy and even the payments: you play with two balls launched simultaneously, by means of a special mechanism. The croupier no longer uses his hand, as is traditional, but presses a button.

The minimum bet accepted is 0.25C$, while the maximum bet goes up to 2,000C$. The betting range seeks to be compatible with diverse playing styles. There are all the ingredients for an unusual gaming experience. With two balls on the other hand the chances of winning ๐Ÿ† increase by 50%. It will also be possible to experiment with different types of bets, in addition to the traditional ones. In the course of this Double Ball roulette review you will also discover all the variables in the payouts.

Double Ball roulette online: rules and details

Developer: Evolution Gaming
Game Type: Single zero
Bet limits: 0.25C$ – 2.000C$
Racetrack: Yes
Called Bets: Yes
Saved Bets: Yes
Quick play: Yes
Automatic Game: Yes
Extra features: Double ball

The version with two balls is the cause of some changes. The ability to make classic bets remains intact, but alternative bets can be made. The payout policy undergoes radical changes. By placing a bet outside of the traditional board, you can take home a payout of up to 1,300:1 ๐Ÿค‘. This is the highest payout ever achieved in a board game. Read on over the next few lines to find out all about Double Ball roulette rules and new payouts.

If both marbles stop on your selected bet you will double your winnings. You will be able to save your bets and replay them each time. This will make it easier to keep your budget under control. Although it is a game that takes place in real time, there will be the possibility to speed up the games and activate the automatic game. Our experts recommend following a betting strategy, taking into account the hot and cold numbers. Having a better chance of winning, it is always better to start with simple bets that have a payout of 1:1.

Bottom left of your screen you can place extra bets, betting on both moving balls. In this board, traditional payouts are twisted and you compete to win exorbitant amounts of money. In the event that the two marbles hit the same number, (not such a rare occurrence) it will be the dealer himself who will verify the exact amount of lucky players. It remains visible throughout the course of the match the history of the numbers drawn. Unlike the other versions, these numbers will go in pairs.

The modern Double Ball roulette online tables are filmed by several high-definition cameras. The game maintains a double look; on the one hand all the traditional bets remain available, including orphans, 5/8 series and near zero, on the other you experience a highly adrenaline-pumping experience thanks to the presence of a double ball. These alternative bet types make the game much more electrifying. In essence, the possibilities of going for prizes are multiplied, leaving freedom of action to the players.

Double Ball roulette for free: the demo

The game dynamics take place completely live. For this reason you will not have any trial version with which you can schedule a training period. This feature will be replaced by the video preview. It will be the only tool you’ll have available to familiarize yourself with the graphic layout. Watch the video contributions carefully to get an idea of the extra episodes.

The only way to try Double Ball roulette for free is to select an advantageous welcome offer. It will be a lot of fun to see the croupiers at work in a different guise. Through a kind of starter they will throw the two balls at a high speed. The balls will come out of a metal tube, similar to those seen in the famous pinball machines.Double Ball Roulette

The live streaming of Evolution Gaming items are taken care of in every detail. Multiple cameras in HD quality, will create a breathtaking experience. With the wheel framed in the foreground it will be very exciting to observe the movements of the marble. There are different denominations of coins available for you to place your bets: 0, 20, 1, 2, 5, 25, 100 and 500.

By clicking on the buttons located under the main board, you can decide to cancel your bet or double it. The function of the video preview is to provide you with as much useful information as possible before you take part in the regular games. This way you have much less chance of wasting your initial budget.

Double Ball roulette bonus

The double ball roulette version is an exclusive game of Evolution Gaming. The London-based software house in business since 2006 has revolutionized the world of live gambling. Its products are available in all best online casinos with an official ADM license. Among the many we would like to mention Merkur Win and Admiral YES.

My advice is always to test Double Ball roulette for real money ๐Ÿ’ถ only after choosing a well-structured promotional offer. Before registering at the site and opening a new gaming account, check the level of security and the breadth of the catalog. Also take a look at the availability of major payment methods.

Conclusion and final recommendations

Here we are at the end of this in-depth look at the main variants of roulette. This is a unique double-ball product that makes significant changes in the allocation of winnings. In extra bets the maximum payout goes up to 1,300:1. There are no changes in the rules and you can also entertain yourself by placing traditional bets.

It is quite surprising that the game does not come with an optimized version for smartphones and tablets. Such a low minimum bet and a very intuitive graphical interface make this game suitable for less experienced players. You can entertain yourself with the croupier by means of live chat. If you’d like to try similar games, take a look at the table below; I’ve selected three equally good titles.


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Taking into account the uniqueness of this product signed Evolution Gaming, my general evaluation can only be very positive. The only drawback is the absence of a mobile version. I recommend taking a look at the video preview before making real money bets.

You are looking at one of the best roulette available on the market. In the beginning it will be essential to limit the damage and choose a good welcome offer. To try this trendy game I have my eye on the promotional offer of Unibet: 100% on first deposit up to a maximum of 500C$. The right way to be ready for the decisive appointment. With the double ball you double your chances of winning.