Classic Roulette

Classic Roulette

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In the second part of this classic roulette review, we will get into the thick of the game thanks to the demo version. This is the only tool you will have available to assess the reliability of the software and to get familiar with the controls. The playing experience with the trial version is identical to the regulatory one. The main difference lies in the fact that the bets are virtual.

Before concluding we will make an analysis of the main promotional offers. At least at the beginning it will be essential to use one of the many welcome bonuses πŸ’° to limit the risks of loss. In this classic version are present all the traditional betting options, let’s analyze them in detail.

Online classic roulette: rules and details

Developer: Playtech
Game Type: Single zero
Bet limits: 0.01C$ – 4.000C$
Racetrack: Yes
Called Bets: Yes
Saved Bets: Yes
Faster game: No
Automatic Game: Yes
Extra features: Low minimum bet

The famous board game follows the rules of the European tradition. The type is single-zero and you can bet on numbers ranging from 1 to 36; this type of bet is called straight up. In case of a win the payout will be 35:1. Read on to learn the main rules of Classic Roulette and all the betting possibilities.

Depending on how you distribute the chips on the green carpet, you will get different payouts. You can place a bet on two numbers, a maneuver known as straddling, in which case the payout πŸ’Ά will be 17:1. In the vicinity of zero, your bet can also contain three numbers, with a payment that is reduced proportionally to 11:1.

Placing a bet on one corner of the table will get you coverage of the four adjacent numbers, in this case the win will be 8:1. For more open betting, using a more parsimonious strategy, you can place your bets on one of the three columns at the end of the carpet, or on the side dozens. In this way, with a single bet you will cover 12 out of 36 numbers. Obviously the payout will be much less (2:1) but it will allow you to better control your budget.

With a chip placed between one of the three dozens and two adjacent numbers, you get a payout of 5:1, the so-called sextina. During the first few games of online classic roulette, it is advisable to rely on the famous simple bets, which correspond to a payout of 1:1. To participate, you must place a bet in one of the sections on the left side of the table: red, black, even, odd, numbers between 1 and 18 or between 19 and 36.

Classic Roulette for free: the demo

After reading the rules carefully, it’s time to get some feedback. Thanks to the demo you can test the game for free. You will find the free trial version of Classic Roulette in all casinos with Playtech catalog. The game dynamics are perfectly equal to those of a real money game.

It will be essential to spend a training period and get familiar with the gameplay. Each bet corresponds to a different payout; to keep the budget under control you’ll have to memorize all the variables. During the training you’ll experience the famous bets placed to the right of the green carpet. In this way, with a predetermined number of chips, you will be able to cover a certain portion of space, increasing your chances of winning πŸ†.

Classic Roulette GameThe corresponding bets are called orphans, 5/8 series and near zero. In the first phase, using five chips, 8 different numbers are covered. In the second bet, also called tiers, the numbers bet will be 12, using only 6 chips (all straddling). Numbers close to zero represent the combination with the greatest coverage; with 7 chips you can count on 17 ways to win: a triplet, a corner and 5 splits.

The demo version offers you the possibility of perfecting your skills before introducing yourself to the games that count. Only through training will you be able to reactively handle certain automatisms and dynamics. Luck plays a central role in this game. However, it is always better to carry out a small strategy aimed at credit management.

Roulette Classic Bonus

You will find this game in all casinos equipped with Playtech software. Among the most important ones we can mention Conclusion and final recommendations.

You have reached the end of this review dedicated to the game of roulette. The classic version keeps all its charm alive. We have introduced the main rules and described the importance of the demo version. The game is produced by Playtech, a provider with decades of experience behind it, well known in the gambling industry.

In light of all these considerations, the final judgment can only be positive. If you are curious to know the characteristics of the other variants, we can provide you with valid alternatives: below you will find three suggestions designed for you, with its evaluation and final review.

Before you sit down at a regulation table and start placing real money bets πŸ€‘, compare the various payout levels of individual games. To familiarize yourself with the gameplay take a spin with the demo version completely free of charge.

You will find this model of roulette online in all casinos equipped with the Playtech platform. Among the many we have selected William Hill, thanks to a very competitive welcome bonus: up to C$ 1,000 on your first deposit. An excellent strategy to start playing at moderate costs.