BlackJack Switch

BlackJack Switch

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Canadian Online Casinos ยป BlackJack Switch
  • The average RTP is 99.92%
  • Played with a total of 6 decks
  • Fast Play option
  • Aces can not be re-split

After describing the main rules, in our blackjack Switch review I will enter the fascinating world of game strategies. To delve deeper into the matter it will be of paramount importance ๐ŸŒŸ to get familiar with the trial version, which is available for free. If you play with a variant that features several side bet options, it is almost mandatory to spend a training period with the demo version.

With a little practice you’ll learn how to use the controls and memorize some crucial aspects that characterize this variant. By playing two hands at the same time you’ll have the possibility of exchanging cards, with the objective of forming more advantageous combinations. This innovation completely turns the game upside down and makes it much more competitive.

The Rules of Blackjack Switch
RTP: 99.92%
Blackjack pays: 1:1
Number of decks: 6
Rule for the croupier: hits soft 17
Peek of the croupier: yes
Insurance: yes
Surrender: no
Split: yes
Re-split: yes
Double: yes
Double after split: yes
Hit with split axes: yes
Side Bets: yes
Multihand: yes

The Rules of Blackjack Switch

The aim of the game is still to get as close as possible to 21, but with a few differences in the mode. After placing your bet, you will receive four cards that will form two independent hands. The fact that you can swap cards to try to form a higher score is the most radical innovation.

Switch blackjack rules aim to increase the rate of player involvement. All of the player’s cards are uncovered, while the dealer shows only one of the two cards in his hand. With the switch option, the chances of making up a pure blackjack increase dramatically; therefore, the payout for the highest card combination is greatly reduced: 1:1.

the revolutionary feature of the switch, the possibility of forming high scores is much higher than in traditional games; also for this reason the payout level is 99.92%.

Unlike what happens in the other variants, the dealer has the opportunity to call cards even with 17 soft. It would seem the best way to rebalance the huge initial advantage, represented by the possibility to make the switch even in the presence of pure blackjack. You will be allowed to split in both hands that you are playing ๐ŸŽฒ. You will be able to double even after making the split. The most convenient card combinations for doubling are 9, 10 and

Blackjack Switch: game strategy

In the presence of an ace, the croupier probes the terrain to allow players to hedge their bets through insurance; furthermore, in the event of a blackjack served, he informs the table to end the betting in progress. You are in the presence of the so-called croupier peek, thanks to which in the event of a blackjack by the bank, you will lose only the initial bet.

Switch blackjack strategy focuses on the ability to switch cards in a convenient manner. The goal is to be able to form high scores in both slots. In order to provide you with practical help, my team has developed a basic strategy table, thanks to which you will have a more precise indication of the actions to be taken.

The concept of basic strategy revolves around the ability to make choices that can increase the probability of winning. Let’s take an example: when playing Switch blackjack for real money ๐Ÿ’ฐ, you might happen to give up one blackjack served to try and achieve a higher score in the second slot as well.

Before sitting down at a regulatory gaming table it is always best to make a excursus of all the promotional offers available on the square. Among the many operators I chose William Hill, thanks to its welcome bonus of 100% on first deposit, up to a maximum of C$ 1,000. Read the my review of the operator to know all the details of the offer from the wagering requirements.

Blackjack Switch for free: the game demo

Blackjack-Switch-Game-LogoThe not inconsiderable feature of being able to play two hands at the same table changes the outlook; on the one hand it increases the chances of winning, on the other hand it increases the expenses, becoming a ballast for your budget. That is why it is essential to take a spin with the demo version of Switch blackjack for free before betting real money.

With the demo version you will not notice any difference in terms of playability and you will be free to experiment with all the additional bets. It will be very interesting to try doubling down after splitting a pair and to find yourself playing several hands at once. You will be able to make extreme bets and swap cards without worrying about losing real money.

During the training period the table with the basic strategy will be your main ally. There are so many variables to keep under control. Remember that the bank can reach 22 without getting high, obtaining a precious draw. Small nuances that can be carefully evaluated, only if put into practice first.

The demo version will provide you with all the necessary tools to face the real money games in the best possible way. It will be very important to be ready for the appointment that counts. The reason is purely economic: in this variant, the bank has one of the lowest margins of advantage there are.

Some final evaluations

You have reached the end of this article on yet another alternative version of blackjack. After describing the course of a standard game I have moved on to more technical discussions related to basic strategy. I have made public the data referring to the RTP index and introduced the ways in which certain side bets are made.

This is one of the variants preferred by users who like to make bets upwards. After all, the ingredients are there to raise the bar of fun. However, if you feel like trying a game with different functions, make a note in your notebook of one of the titles below.

The game is produced by Playtech, a provider with more than two decades of experience in the online gaming industry. Take a spin with the demo version to try out your tactics. There are so many combinations that can come out of the exchange of cards. Don’t overlook side bets and doubles.

My research work comes to an end. Before concluding I want to mention one of the best online blackjack sites available on the market: William Hill. The English operator offers a welcome offer of 100% on the first deposit ๐ŸŽ up to a maximum of C$ 1,000. The best way to amortize the expenses, in a game where the regulation itself leads to force the hand.