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Pontoon BlackJack

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  • RTP 99.64%
  • The side bet has a rule set that’s easy to understand
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  • Many countries restricted

The graphics are accurate to the smallest detail and give a very faithful game atmosphere. After providing a smattering of all the rules, in Pontoon blackjack review I will describe the basic strategy without neglecting the importance of the demo version. Even though there are no side bets, it is essential to get into the right mood before letting yourself go to the bets that count.

Thanks to the trial version, you will be able to challenge the dealer with open cards. Since you have no indication of the dealer’s score, it is of utmost importance that you reach a medium-high stake before stopping the game and not calling any more cards. In the case of blackjack served, called Pontoon, you have the upper hand.

Pontoon Blackjack Rules
RTP: 99.64%
Blackjack pays: 3:2
Number of decks: 8
Rule for the croupier: hit on soft and stand on hard 17
Peek of the croupier: yes
Insurance: no
Surrender: no
Split: yes
Re-split: Until the third hand
Double: yes
Double after split: yes
Hit with split axes: yes
Side Bets: no
Multihand: yes

Pontoon blackjack rules

The final objective does not change: to get as close as possible to 21 to win the hand. The first thing you have to worry about is placing your initial bet, after which the dealer will deal the cards. The fact that you have to wait until the last communication of the score of the bank πŸ’°, will make the atmosphere much more adrenaline, especially if you play in multi hand mode. You are in the presence of the main novelty that characterizes this game variant.

Blackjack Pontoon blackjack rules are essentially identical to those of the traditional version, with one exception: the dealer does not show even one of the two cards he holds in his hand. This option has the merit of greatly increasing the rate of involvement of the players. Since there are no variables that facilitate the formation of a pure blackjack, the combination of cards with the highest score will be paid 3:2, instead of 1:1 as usual.playtech-pontoon

In case of a push, the dealer will have the upper hand. Only the blackjack served (ace and ten or figure) will be unbeatable. From the analysis of these factors the advantage of the dealer seems quite considerable. However, the payout level is very competitive: it is around 99.64%. This figure is quite surprising, also because, data in hand, the possibility of scoring high scores is much less frequent than in many other variants.

The dealer is obliged to call a card with a score that is equal to or less than 17, he must stand instead if it exceeds this quota. With two equal cards you can make the canonical division and play two separate hands. In the presence of additional pairs you can make up to a maximum 🌟 of three divisions. You can double up even after splitting the cards. The game is also played in multi-hand mode, but insurance is not allowed in case the dealer has a blackjack, nor is surrendering in the case of unfavorable cards.

Blackjack Pontoon: strategy game

Not being able to take any of the dealer’s cards as a reference, you will be forced to concentrate exclusively on your game. In order to limit the possibility of making mistakes as much as possible, it is very important to rely on the strategy table. The mathematical calculation will provide you with the best indications to try to win.

In the absence of any clues about the dealer’s score, it is important to carry out a Pontoon blackjack strategy that is planned in every aspect. Achieving a high score is essential, but it is equally important not to take unnecessary risks. On the other hand, the dealer will only lose the hand if the score is fair if the blackjack is pure.

If the dealer is equipped with a served blackjack, you can rely on the so-called croupier peek, thanks to which you will only lose the participation bet. Despite the fact that the rules are very similar to those of the trial version, it will be very important to sit at a Pontoon blackjack table with real money, only after going through the demo version.

Studying the theory focusing exclusively on the strategic aspect will be perfectly useless without having had a real feedback, in the field. The goal remains the same: minimize losses. To achieve this goal, you can rely on one of the many welcome offers. For the occasion we have selected the proposal of Betfair: C$ 25 πŸ’Έ without deposit, and a welcome bonus of up to C$ 1,000. For more details, read our review of the operator, and remember that the game does not guarantee secure winnings and especially that it is reserved for users of 18 years of age (+18).

Blackjack Pontoon for free: the game demo

pontonAfter reading the strategy tips and explaining the main rules, it’s time to move on to practice. The tool for playing Pontoon blackjack variant for free is the demo version. You will have plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the controls and try to force some upside plays, without risking wasting credits.

The gaming experience will have the same characteristics as a real money game. The Playtech game features a state-of-the-art graphic layout. The very smooth gameplay enhances the adrenaline-pumping aspects of the variant in question. The fact that the dealer can only reveal his cards at the very last moment makes the games much more exciting.

By playing with the demo version you can gain experience and perfect your playing strategy. It will be very important to be ready during a split or a double. Even with the trial version you can play in multi-hand mode and place several bets at once. Don’t make the mistake of playing regulation games without the right training period.

The importance of training is also underlined by the so-called house advantage. When both of the dealer’s cards are face up, the margin for error becomes much smaller. You can’t expect to play on equal terms with the dealer without first familiarizing yourself with the rules and gameplay.

Final Evaluations

Before I give you an appointment to the next review I want to add some final evaluations on this blackjack variant. I have talked about strategy tables and rules, describing all the main game procedures. I have stressed the importance of the RTP index by acknowledging the training functionality of the trial version.

This game does not differ much from the traditional version. The mystery that is created around the possible score of the dealer, makes the game even more engaging. If you want to confront other dynamics and try new gaming experiences, I have selected some titles designed for you. Compare my ratings and read their reviews in the table below.

The final judgment can only be positive. The essence of traditional blackjack is kept alive, adding suspense in the final part of the game. The rules of the game are very simple but I still suggest to make bets with real money only after a period of training.

You can find the demo version at the best sites for online blackjack with the official license ADM (formerly AAMS). Among the many we chose Betfair thanks to its welcome offer of C$25 πŸ€‘ without deposit and a bonus up to C$ 1,000. A good base from which to start in view of the games that count. However, always remember that the game does not guarantee safe winnings and that it is reserved for users of age.