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Sic Bo Online – Rules, payments and where to play

Sic Bo online: rules, bonuses and best variants

If this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of Sic Bo, and you’re wondering what the rules are, you’ve come to the right place. Resembling Crap, and a game of Chinese origin, Sic Bo can be found in casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and of course Macau. Unlike the great classics of casino games, such as roulette, Sic Bo has different rules from casino to casino. Playing online is the best choice to make, because you decide which variant to try and which developer to trust.

As you can see from the table, even though Sic Bo is not one of the most popular casino games, operators are still playing it. Before we talk about this game, though, let’s get one thing straight: make sure you’re always playing in legal casinos that have licenses and certificates that allow them to offer their services in Canada. If you choose to play at one of the sites I recommend, you will be able to enjoy yourself without worries, because your safety is guaranteed by the Customs and Monopolies Agency. In addition, you will have the unique opportunity to play Sic Bo with a live dealer.

Sic Bo, origins and rules

Sic Bo is derived from a Chinese term, meaning ‘pair of dice’, since the game originated in ancient China. However, although the name suggests the use of a pair of dice, it is actually played with three. The dice are thrown into a box, cage or glass container: you have to bet on the result of the throw.

When you play Sic Bo at an online or live casino, you may notice a numbered table: it’s normal to feel confused at first, but it’s actually easy to get your bearings once you understand the different zones. So before we figure out how to bet at Sic Bo, let’s take a look at the possible bets.

Bet types and payout

If you examine the Sic Bo table carefully, you will notice that the layout is nothing complicated and it all makes perfect sense. There are many different types of betting options and you can bet on one or more choices. Considering that Sic Bo is a game of luck, you won’t have to worry about strategy like you would when playing blackjack.

Payments are quite interesting, if you know how to distinguish them and, most importantly, know how to use them in the best possible way. So, let’s take a look at all the types of bets and the rewards they offer. Regarding payouts, there may be some small differences between the various game providers; for convenience, I refer to the Sic Bo of Playtech.

  • Small/Big Bet – This is the most famous Sic Bo bet. If you bet on ‘small’, for example, you win if the sum of the three dice is between 4 and 10. Similarly, if you bet on big you are rewarded in case of a sum between 11 and 17. This bet has the lowest house advantage and is the easiest. The payout is 1:1, but if three equal numbers come up you lose.
  • Π’otal Bet – In the middle section of the Sic Bo table, you will find the numbers 4-17. You can place a bet on any number, but the payout is different. If you think the sum of the three dice will be 15 and you guess correctly, you will receive a payout equal to 17 times your bet. If you bet on 10, however, the payout is only 6 times. Therefore, evaluate all specific payouts before betting.
  • Number Bet – If you have a lucky number, for example 4, you can bet on it. If it appears on one of the dice, you receive a 1:1 payout. But if it appears on two of the dice, the payout doubles, while it triples if your number comes up on all three dice. If you want to bet on whether the same number comes up on all three dice, take a look below.
  • Triple & Any Triple Bet – If you bet on a specific triple, like three 6s, and get it, you’ll get the best possible payout in the game: 180:1. What a hit! If you want to bet on triples, but with more margin for error, you can bet on the possibility of any triple coming up (the payout is 30:1).
  • Double Bet – If it seems unlikely that the same number will appear on three dice, try the less risky “double” bet. Bet on a specific number to come up on two dice (2, for example) and if you guess right, you’ll take home 10 times the ante. Unlike totals, doubles have the same payout.
  • Pair Bet – Another opportunity to guess the winning numbers. This time you get to choose two specific numbers: you find all possible combinations, so you just need to place your bet on the corresponding table area. If you win, the payout is 5:1.

How to play Sic Bo

Since Sic Bo is a very simple game, there is not much to explain in terms of gameplay. First, choose the value of the token you want to bet. Then place your bets on the areas of the table of your choice. I’ve already explained the various bets and their respective payouts, just remember that you can place multiple bets at once.

Then, if you’re playing the online casino version of Sic Bo, press the ‘roll’ button and wait for the outcome. The numbers on the three dice will determine whether you win or lose. In almost all versions of the game you can use the ‘rebet’ option to repeat your bet from the previous round with a single click.

Sic Bo in the live casino with dealer

If you like the game, then you must try it in the online slots, because they carry a lot more weight. Moreover, at the moment there is no specific Sic Bo bonus, but I hope that casinos will consider it in the future, to reward all fans of the game.

Sic Bo, a game to try

By now you should have guessed it: I love this game. And while you’ll definitely have a better chance with a game like blackjack, where you can learn a strategy and win more consistently, sometimes you might just want to have some fun trying your luck. If that’s the case, Sic Bo is the perfect answer. I recommend you try the game yourself. And who knows, maybe it will be your lucky day!