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Top casinos for 7 and a half and tricks to win

The choice fell on these names because of the large bonuses offered, the different variants of 7 and a half in the catalog and the excellent payout percentages. These are undoubtedly some of the most important parameters to take into account when looking for a portal to play seven and a half online and more generally card games.

Of course, the key parameter to consider remains that of safety. Before we get into the heart of this review I would like to point out that all online casinos with seven and a half that you find on this page are provided with the necessary certifications of suitability required within our regulated market.

Seven and a half: top casinos by category

πŸ₯‡ Best site seven and a half William Hill
πŸ†• New casino seven and a half codere
πŸ€‘ Top site seven and a half RTP Eurobet
🎁 Top seven and a half bonus online Sisal
πŸ’Έ Casino seven and a half top payout Goldbet
πŸ”’ Site seven and a half AAMS most secure SNAI
πŸ“± Top for seven and a half mobile Lottomatica

The great popularity of the game of 7 1/2 online means that all sites that offer it do what they can to grab new customers. Some choose to bet on a large number of variants, while others focus more on the welcome bonuses: to each his own, in short.

All this, clearly, benefits gaming enthusiasts, who can thus browse a wide range of sites to choose the most suitable one. But how to do it? Many decide based on their own way of playing, others on the bankroll available. The great thing about 7½ is that it’s a game that’s suitable for everyone because it doesn’t require a lot of effort to learn or pay for it.

In the table opposite, we’ve summarized the top sites for seven and a half online. You can use it as a quick information mirror to make your choice.

The rules of the game

Let’s see now how to play seven and a half. The game admits from two to 12 participants, therefore it lends itself to be played in company. This is one of the reasons why it is customary for many Canadian families to gather around the table during the Christmas holidays to play together. The cards used are the Canadian 40 cards (also in the Neapolitan and Piacenza variants) and the objective is to make the highest score, being careful not to “get high” going beyond the score of 7 and a half. Let’s see the five fundamental rules

  1. Each player tries to have a higher score than the dealer, who deals the cards.
  2. Numbered cards have the corresponding value, figures are worth half a point
  3. After the first card, you can either “stand” (if you are already close to seven and a half) or call “card”
  4. The winner of the hand is the one who reaches the score of seven and a half or beats the opponents
  5. In case of a tie, the bank wins.

It should be noted that each operator can vary the value of the bet depending on the card drawn (some seven and a half online casinos double the bet if you make seven and a half with only two cards), and that you can also play with French cards (in which case the 8, 9 and 10 are removed from the deck). Each operator allows you to play through the “card”, “stand” or “repeat” button, to place the same bet as the previous round.

How to play seven and a half: calculating points

In order to calculate the score you need to know the value of the cards. I must say that, unlike games like best online slots, the amount is less, however operators such as the one shown below offer some.

Consider that the 7 and a half does not contribute, in percentage terms, as much as other games (again, for example, slots) to the replay requirements, so take this into account when choosing your welcome offer. Given the success of this card game in Canada, dedicated promotions are quite frequent. However, always consider the terms and conditions of the offers to ensure that they are compatible with the use of certain payment methods, such as on The available game variants.

The variants of seven and a half are essentially two: one Canadian and the other French. The most played and popular in our country is clearly the first one, which provides that all participants at the table take part in the game at the same time, with the banker who discovers his card and gradually begins to decrease its score to settle on what he believes to be the maximum reached by the others. The bank “passes” only in the event that one of the players is in possession of the king of coins, i.e. “the nut”. The main difference with the French version is that here the bank plays individually with each of the participants at the table, with an initial bet called the “pot”. At the end of each round, the bank “passes” and the game is played counterclockwise again.

The seven and a half live on Canadian sites

Canadian virtual operators offer you the possibility to play live seven and a half, that is, the version of the game with flesh and blood groupers. The rules are the same as the classic online variant, but the live seven and a half adds additional elements of fun and entertainment.

First of all, with the seven and a half live you have the opportunity to interact both with the dealer, that is the person who runs the game, dealing the cards, and with the chat. This allows you to chat with other users and, why not, congratulate them when they win!

Seven-and-a-half tricks: tips on how to win

Not all attempts at trying to figure out how to win at seven and a half online are successful: the one produced by a seven and a figure is generally regarded as better. The most you can aspire to is the legitimate real seven and a half. This particular kind of result will not only make the banker the rightful player, but it will also make the player receive as much as double the bet made by others. Below, I have prepared six useful tips on how to win. So here are my seven and a half tricks.

  • Don’t be too ambitious: with cards higher than 6, don’t risk “high”
  • If you have a figure, ask for “card” and bet hard, but if you reach 5 stop
  • If you have cards up to 3 in your hand, ask for another and then decide what to do, but aim low
  • If you have 6 or 7 in your hand, aim high and “stay”: luck will help you.
  • The 4 and 5 are the worst cards: aim low and follow your instincts
  • Keep focused on your opponents: study their moves and don’t underestimate them. Don’t get distracted

7 and 1/2 tricks to win: of course, the tricks I’ve presented above don’t guarantee a 100% win, but they can help you to have a more sensible game tactic, especially to decide how and how much to bet based on the cards you have in your hand and your budget.

Playtech: the leading developer of seven and a half online casinos

Playtech is the main developer of this particular type of gaming items. Within the portfolio of Playtech software providers you will find the widest assortment of online casino sevens available in Canada. So if you are fond of this traditional Canadian game and it is the main reason that drives you to play online, my advice is to make a tour of reconnaissance on the best online casinos in Canada and take a look at the game library, looking for products seven and a half signature Playtech!

Generally speaking, you will be able to try out the different titles in demo mode, which will allow you to get to know each product better and assess whether the casino in question is really the right one for you.

7 and a half online: conclusions

As we are in the final stages of this page, I feel it is my duty to summarize what has been written so far. This is one of the favorite games of the Canadians, who are accustomed to practice it in the family during the holidays. It was easy to foresee that the bookmakers active in Canada would have promptly responded to the needs of users by making available some variants of the seven and a half.

Of all the products available, those weblog Playtech are undoubtedly among the best successful. In closing I recommend playing seven and a half to all players looking for a casino product fun and not particularly challenging, capable of giving even substantial winnings. If you want to try your luck with another pastime Canadian, you could try your hand with the Frequently asked questions.

Before we say goodbye, I want to give space to some of the most frequent questions that fans of seven and a half online seek answers on the Net. Whether they are experienced players or newbies, it is important to be able to find solutions to doubts and requests for clarification, and below I will try to do so.

πŸ”What are the best seven and a half online casinos in Canada?

We are talking about one of the most beloved games by Canadian fans, and therefore it is not surprising that SNAI, Sisal and Lottomatica appear in the list of the best online casinos seven and a half that you can find at the beginning of this guide and that collects the operators with the best payout, the most complete schedule and the highest overall performance with regard to one of the most popular pastimes in our country.

🎁 Are there any casino bonuses for the seven and a half?

Although to a lesser extent, compared to other classics of online casinos such as slots and roulette, there are advice on how to win at seven and a half, especially to understand the size of the bet based on the cards you have in hand.

πŸ†“ Can I play seven and a half online for free?

To play seven and a half online for free is necessary to choose, among the operators who have this game in their catalog, those who among the welcome offers also provide a no deposit bonus, with which to start playing without affecting your budget. Among those in our Top 5, this possibility is offered by Sisal.