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Top sites for online jackpot slots and other games of 2022

In the table above you can see my selection of recommended platforms with jackpot games. These are always verified and licensed casinos. As you read on you will also find a list of the best slots with these jackpots. We will understand together how convenient they are weighing advantages and disadvantages.

What are progressive slots

I think it is necessary to provide an understandable definition of these casino items before moving on. Perhaps the more experienced players are already familiar with the subject, but I know I have a lot of novice readers as well, so it’s best to clarify: progressive slots are games with a variable jackpot, a prize pool that grows with each play made by the players.

The operation is quite simple. Basically, during the course of the various gaming sessions, a portion of the players’ bets are automatically set aside and added to the prize pool, until the latter is paid out by the slot. Obviously, after the winnings you start from scratch.

Because it is often a very large sum of money, it is clear that jackpot casinos cannot allocate it frequently. On the contrary, it must be admitted that it is the intention of the bookmakers to increase the jackpot to try to create “hype” and attract the highest possible number of gamblers to the platform.

The most popular jackpot slots

In several gambling houses this type of jackpot is also found on video poker or other gambling products. But it is undeniable that this is a “feature” more widespread in roller machines, often the core of their gameplay. Following is a list of the most popular Canadian jackpot slots.

  • Age of the Gods – The most popular cycle
  • Mega Joker – Jackpot and Supermeter option
  • Divine Fortune – Jackpot and payout to die for
  • Mercy of Gods – A NetEnt Classic
  • Irish Riches – 888casino’s Progressive Jackpot
  • Jack’s Pot – Top level graphics and winnings
  • Leprechaun goes to Hell – Exclusive Play ‘n GO Slots

I have compiled this list from the RTP: find out the payout of jackpot slots.

The rate of return to the player is a fundamental parameter that I suggest you always take into consideration. Clearly this value is different for each item present in Canadian gambling halls. In the table below you will find the RTP for the jackpot casino slots I selected. Make good use of it.

As you can see from the mirror, the percentage rate of return to the player moves at a jerky pace even on jackpot slots, ranging from 91% to 96% and more. The “Mega Joker” records the lowest, while the famous “Mercy of the Gods” seems to be the most convenient game.

The various types of casino jackpots

Returning to the main topic of this page and therefore the progressive jackpot online casinos, I must absolutely add another classification that further helps to understand how they work. They distinguish themselves into three types. I will try to briefly clarify their characteristics in the following content.

  • Stand-Alone Jackpot The term “Stand-Alone” should already provide a line of interpretation to those who master English, but better to specify. Just in case. The type of jackpot in question is the simplest as it grows only when players bet on that single game and in that specific casino. In practice, the machine is totally independent, it is not connected in any way nor with other items of the same bookie, nor with external slot machines present on partner platforms. The jackpot count increases rather slowly and although it often reaches very substantial figures, it is lower than the “In-House” and “Wide Area” jackpots.
  • In-House Jackpot If the “Stand-Alone” characterizes the jackpot of single, stand-alone slots, the In-House jackpot on the other hand is found in several interconnected games, but exclusively in the same gambling platform. On a more practical note, some casinos create a network of roller machines within their catalog. Each slot machine that is part of this selection must include a jackpot feature. The latter is unique and increases each time a player bets on the different interconnected games. In light of this, the value of the jackpot sum increases faster and consequently reaches much higher figures than the “Stand-Alone”.
  • Wide Area Jackpot The “Wide Area” jackpot replicates the mechanism of the “In-House” jackpot but expands the reach to different partner casino platforms. Specifically then, the network of interconnected slot machines is not internal to a single gambling house, but connects products with similar functions present on different catalogs game of several bookmakers. The strategy that led to the creation of this type of prize pool obviously aims to increase the amount of money up for grabs to stratospheric figures. In fact, it goes without saying that the highest winnings in the history of gambling have occurred on articles of this type, who knows why they are so popular.

Based on the information contained in the boxes above, it will be easier to choose the slot machine that will best suit your style. Want to gamble but not too much? Do you love risk more than anything else? Do you always prefer the middle ground and compromise? Now you have the answer, made to measure.

Bonuses and offers: are there any for jackpot slots?

I set the title of this paragraph as a question because in fact you only need to use a little logic to raise that doubt. First of all: jackpot slots do not need promotions to attract people to their reels. Secondly, why would an operator offer bonuses on games that allow you to win stratospheric amounts of money?

From the above considerations, the answer to the starting question seems obvious, but in fact it is not. In fact, some online casinos with jackpot slots go against the grain by offering, albeit rarely, free spins dedicated to these jackpot products. Always take a look at the catalog of Progressive jackpots: advantages over non-progressive.

So far I have identified and analyzed the slots with so-called progressive jackpot, the most popular and widespread on our casinos. In the box below I have made a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of these jackpots, by key points. Consult it and draw your own conclusions.


  • Boggling Returns
  • Vivacify gameplay
  • They are widespread
  • The jackpot is variable


  • Not suitable for low rollers
  • Rarely assigned

The other side of the jackpot, the non-progressive one, is in contrast a fixed sum, certainly not mind-boggling but certainly is awarded with a greater frequency. This makes it suitable even for the less experienced. These two bonus sums are very different from each other and, in some ways, complementary.

Some tips for playing jackpot slots

Before you jump into your online casinos with jackpots, try reading my tips, and then use them with practice. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll share some of my experience with you to try and improve your gaming experience and, why not, your chances of hitting the jackpot as well.

1. Read the rules

If you’re looking for a progressive jackpot, the best thing to do is to work with the data you have available. Consult the statistics for the slot in question, read up on its rules and correlate the info to figure out when the time is right to take the field.

2. Take advantage of the welcome bonus

I was the first to tell you that bonuses dedicated to jackpot casino slots are rare, but I also advised you to consult the rules of the welcome packages. It is not excluded that a welcome promo is also extended to some jackpot machines. Not taking advantage of it would really be a crime.

3. Play responsibly

More than advice, a commandment of gambling: to always play responsibly. Especially when you are betting to win a jackpot, you must never exceed your economic possibilities, given the higher rate of risk. It can be useful, in this sense, to establish a priori a maximum budget of investment.

4. Only bet on casinos with an AAMS (ADM) license

A universal rule that must be followed by gamblers who are passionate about jackpot games. Choosing a legal platform and legitimized by the Customs and Monopolies Agency is definitely the basic principle to follow in order to avoid scams and frauds. Compile a blacklist of black market bookmakers and avoid them.

Pick up winnings

A very common rule of thumb abroad, which is also sometimes found in Canadian casinos, is that there is a monthly withdrawal limit on winnings. This could be problematic if you are cashing in large sums from a jackpot. That’s why you should consult the rules before playing. Once again it can be helpful.

If you can’t find this in the terms and conditions or the website FAQ, a good move may be to contact customer service and ask for this more directly. Clearly it is better if you get this info via email, so avoid calling the switchboard.

A bit of history

Different software houses claim the invention of the progressive jackpot casino. But most sources agree: the paternity of this jackpot belongs to IGT. We’re talking about a time when online platforms weren’t even imaginable yet and when Las Vegas and land-based gambling halls were all the rage.

Following IGT’s experiment, which devised a flash jackpot for a classic bar slot, the prototype spread like wildfire and quickly became an essential component of gambling. By the time online casinos are born, jackpots are already built into the factory software.

Since its beginnings, the adventure of gambling on the Net has been enlivened by amazing jackpot wins, whose case history is difficult to reconstruct. However, I cannot avoid mentioning the most magnanimous slot ever: “Mega Moolah”. A title that has given a certain Jon Haywood more than 13 million pounds.


The overview of progressive slots ends here, after you’ve found out what jackpots are, how many types they differ into, on which platforms you can find them. I hope you’ll follow the advice I gave earlier to increase your chances of winning and the warnings I wanted to include to direct you to responsible gaming.

The casinos featured on this page are all certified by the FAQ

A FAQ section with answers to frequently asked questions is a must: on the one hand, it’s useful for any readers still in doubt or confused, and on the other hand, it makes sense of the requests I’ve filed over the past few months. Find here my selection of the most pertinent questions. Read them to clear your mind once and for all.

What are the best jackpot casinos in Canada?

The list of jackpot casinos that I have included at the top of this page could be enough to answer this question, as I have made the selection after months of in-depth study. However the legal bookmakers in Canada are many. You can therefore make of your own head, but you must take the trouble to verify the licenses and carry out the controls of ritual.

What are the most popular jackpot slots at the moment?

Once again you have two options: either rely on me and the list of slots with jackpots currently available on Canadian sites, or do a search on your own. I do however tell you to try the “Age of the Gods” roller machines. Regardless of your final decision it is a must do.

What exactly do online casino jackpots consist of?

The functioning of jackpots is quite simple. It is basically a jackpot accumulated on one or more slot games and obtained by taking a percentage from the non-winning bets made by players on the games themselves. Jackpots can reach very high amounts, as in the case of progressive jackpots.

Since when do jackpot games exist?

Online casinos have been around practically forever. The history of jackpots in fact dates back to the era of land-based casinos. It was the intuition of the provider IGT to install a jackpot so-called “flash” on a roller machine of their line. Clearly, progressive formats were developed later with the refinement of statistics and in-depth mathematical analysis of the models.

What types of progressive jackpots can be found online?

There are three different types of progressive jackpots: “Stand-Alone”, “In-House” and “Wide-Area”. The first is a variable jackpot present on a single game of the platform. The second is generated by a network of different slot machines, but all from the same catalog and casino. The last, the most coveted, is found on interconnected machines on multiple partner platforms.