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Best online bingo: top real money online bingo and raffle sites


The best online bingo and real money bingo sites in Canada

Driven by the passion of Canadians for bingo, I have evaluated and selected the best real money online bingo.To start playing right away just choose from one of the AAMS (ADM) online bingo sites listed below!

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  • ⭐ Giochi bingo online popolari
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πŸ† Casino bingo 🎁 Welcome Bonus 🎱 Featured Games ⭐ Rating βœ… Secure link Terms and conditions:
1. πŸ₯‡ Eurobet 1.000C$
  • 90-Ball Bingo.
  • 75-ball Bingo.
  • 30-Ball Bingo.

5.00β˜… out of 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and bonus details, click on “Visit the site”.
2. πŸ₯ˆ Sisal 1.050C$
  • 90-Ball Bingo.
  • 75-ball Bingo.

4.90β˜… out of 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and bonus details, click on “Visit the site”.
3. πŸ₯‰ Lottomatica 1.000C$
  • 90-Ball Bingo.
  • 75-ball Bingo.
  • 30-Ball Bingo.

4.70β˜… out of 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and bonus details, click on “Visit the site”.
4. ⭐ SNAI 1.000C$
  • 90-Ball Bingo.
  • 75-ball Bingo.

4.65β˜… out of 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and bonus details, click on “Visit the site”.
5. ⭐ Merkur Win 500C$
  • 90-Ball Bingo.
  • 75-ball Bingo.
  • 30-Ball Bingo.

4.60β˜… out of 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and bonus details, click on “Visit the site”.
6. ⭐ GoldBet 200C$
  • 90-Ball Bingo.
  • 75-ball Bingo.
  • 30-Ball Bingo.

4.50β˜… out of 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and bonus details, click on “Visit the site”.
7. ⭐ AdmiralYES 1.000C$
  • 90-Ball Bingo.
  • 75-ball Bingo.
  • 30-Ball Bingo.

4.40β˜… out of 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and bonus details, click on “Visit the site”.
8. ⭐ Gioco Digitale 50C$
  • 90-Ball Bingo.
  • 75-ball Bingo.
  • 30-Ball Bingo.

4.20β˜… out of 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and bonus details, click on “Visit the site”.
9. ⭐ William Hill 1.000C$
  • 90-Ball Bingo.
  • 75-ball Bingo.

4.00β˜… out of 5 Terms and conditions apply. For more information and bonus details, click on “Visit the site”.

As I anticipated earlier, over the past few years the bingo halls on the web have multiplied, given and considered the success that this game has enjoyed since the beginning of its spread on the platforms on the net. Today there are many Canadian operators that offer it and it is precisely for this reason that I decided to write this page: to help you choose the best online bingo on the market or simply the one that best suits your characteristics. The preliminary operations to do before leaving are the usual precautions. Check first of all that the operator has obtained a regular ADM (Customs and Monopolies Agency) license to operate on the Canadian territory and, once its legitimacy has been ascertained, check the bonus offer that it puts on the plate. In particular, take a look at the terms and conditions of redemption, make sure that there is a loyalty plan and temporary promotions in progress. Only then will it be time to decide which online bingo variants to choose for fun. You will have no trouble finding your way around if you follow the advice in the following paragraphs!

Top 10 Canadian online bingo sites

  1. SNAI (best for bonuses)
  2. Sisal (at the top for special variants)
  3. Eurobet (best to play from mobile)
  4. Lottomatica (best for traditional variants)
  5. Eurobet (at the top for the Andromeda variant)
  6. William Hill (best for graphic layout)
  7. GoldBet (the best among the new bingo casinos)
  8. Merkur Win (very easy to play)
  9. Eurobet (the top for the 90-ball variant)
  10. SNAI (perfect for the 75-ball variant)

Best online bingo and features

The online bingo sites operating on the Canadian market are many, because the tradition of bingo, even online, is very rooted in our country. Each of them has specific characteristics and strengths, and choosing the one that suits us best can be difficult. That’s why my team and I have analyzed each one’s offering, considering factors such as security, quantity of games, presence of bonuses, mobile functionality and payouts.

In the meantime, a clarification: you can choose any of the online bingo sites you find in my list and go for the velvet for a top-notch gaming experience. However, every player has their own preferences, and you may be looking for something specific. Some go for the highest payouts, others for the best promotions or the most functional app or even the newest platform. That’s why I’ve prepared the table opposite, in which you’ll find the best online bingo sites by category.

Some operators in fact excel in certain and specific fields of action. Since my goal is always to give the most help in finding the most suitable site to play online bingo, here is the table will help you choose quickly and effectively based on your gaming preferences and budget. Not only bonuses and payouts, but also other parameters including the amount of variants available and the evaluation of the overall proposal of each operator.

Continue reading this guide to playing online bingo and find out what factors and parameters I have considered to choose the best operators, and especially how they should be taken into account before opening a gaming account on a given platform. There will also be a mention of the main software providers: many users, in fact, rightly consider of primary importance the graphic quality and playability that only the best developers can provide at the highest level.

Canadian online bingo games: the various versions

We get into the heart of this page on online bingo sites by analyzing the different variants of online bingo offered by Canadian operators. I will start with the most classic and famous versions, delving into the different rules, and then analyze some special rooms made available by operators who are particularly careful to provide new games. I will illustrate the contemporary scenario related to this game: in spite of the breadth of the offer, reading the next contents you will be able to manage very well and to choose the right product.

The most traditional online bingo variants

  • Bingo 90 balls: This is one of the variants of online bingo real money most popular in Europe, a true reinterpretation of bingo. Its specific characteristics are related precisely to the number of balls, which in addition to affecting the draw itself influences the composition of the cards. The total stages of the game are three: 1 line, 2 lines and the so-called “full house” to reach which the player must complete the 15 numbers of the folder (5 for each line).
  • 75-ball Bingo: This version is the most popular overseas. Obviously it differs from the European variant in the number of balls, but apart from this glaring discrepancy, what stands out most is the composition of the cards. In 75-ball bingo in fact, these are composed of 25 squares arranged in 5 horizontal and vertical rows.
  • 30-Ball Bingo: Let’s talk now about the fastest bingo game of all, the one characterized by 30 total balls, not surprisingly sometimes called “Speed Bingo”. This type of bingo game is particularly popular because of its speed, as well as the fact that the smaller number of balls in play does not compromise the size of the jackpot, which is very similar to the more traditional versions. The cards are composed of 3 lines of 3 for a total of 9 numbers.

Special variants present in Canada

In addition to these traditional variants, among online bingo sites developers have been busy making other versions. In Canada, are very popular three rooms dedicated to as many Greek gods, Athena, Zeus and Pegasus. Among the bookmakers in our territory that offer them Eurobet platform, just to give you an example citing the best online bingo. Now instead a quick overview of the peculiarities of the bingo halls bingo online.

While talking about the best online bingo in Canada and the most innovative products, we can start with the Zeus room with 90 balls. Among its features it seems appropriate to point out the presence of six different jackpots of variable value depending on the number of balls called when you win it. Gold, diamond, silver, sapphire, bronze and platinum are the different jackpots that players can win.

The most prestigious halls of our operators

  • Diamond Room
    The so-called “Diamond” room is the most prestigious of the real money online bingo sites. Its rules include Bingo draw rounds with a total of 90 balls. The number of draws and the price of the various cards are indicated in advance on the schedule for a maximum total of 90 cards that can be purchased. It is never possible to exceed for each card a total expense of 10C$. There is a 10% provision for fixed jackpots.
  • Ruby Room
    This room is very popular on the tricolor online bingo sites. Here, too, they talk about drawing rounds with 90 total balls, while the maximum number of folders that can be purchased by the individual rises to 180. The value of each folder is reported on the schedule along with the draws. Once again, it is not possible to exceed the threshold of C$10 per folder. The Jackpot fund is fed by a generic allocation rate of 10%.
  • Sapphire Room
    More suitable for less unscrupulous players, this room has gained the attention of online bingo sites due to the different collection rates. They contemplate in addition to Bingo also 1, 2, 3 and 4 lines. The maximum limit of folders that can be purchased drops to 30 to meet the type of player. Also here you cannot spend more than 10C$ per folder and the jackpot is fed by a 10% provision.

Bingo bonuses: what various sites offer

Bonus Offer

  • Bonus di benvenuto: 25% fino a 100C$
  • Accredito: entro 5 giorni
  • Deposito minino: 10C$
  • Codice promo: BB_BINGO

Each of the best Canadian bingo sites offers exclusive advantages for new customers who register on their platform. In addition to the classic welcome bingo bonuses, the catalog contemplates temporary and seasonal promotions to keep “loyal” users registered on their platform.

This happens among other things for all casino sites operating in Canada, and in the Bingo and payout: the percentages.

The percentage relating to payouts, or the return to the player in the form of winnings, is definitely one of the parameters to pay more attention to when evaluating the best bingo sites. Since it’s not usually easy to get first-hand information like this, I thought you might appreciate some help. Below I’ve listed the payouts offered by the operators on our top list, calculated after careful research by independent agencies such as eCogra, to ensure their accuracy and objectivity.

  1. Eurobet – 96.30%
  2. Sisal – 96.40%
  3. Lottomatica – 96.20%.
  4. SNAI – 96.10%.
  5. Merkur Win – 96.35%
  6. GoldBet – 95.90%
  7. AdmiralYES – 95.85%.
  8. Digital Game – 96.10%.
  9. William Hill – 96.20%.

Online bingo software

  • NetEnt Founded in 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden, NetEnt is one of the most important and prestigious software houses on the gaming planet. The specialty of the house are the slot machines, with very high quality graphics and playability, and the excellent implementation for mobile applications. A thread can be improved, however, the proposal in terms of live casino, however, more than acceptable level. For some years, NetEnt has also begun to develop excellent bingo platforms, available in all major traditional variants as well as some special always very appreciated by users for their high playability and a very nice graphic layout, thus expanding its weight on the market and characterizing itself as one of the most complete providers.
  • Playtech Since March 2019, Playtech, one of the world leaders in the gaming industry, has also crossed the borders of the bingo planet, optimizing a platform for the Canadian market, immediately available for operators such as Sisal, SNAI and William Hill. Updated to the latest standards established by AAMS (now ADM), the Playtech bingo protocol is specifically aimed at the Canadian market, and includes among other things the variant to 75 balls, prizes on two lines and a resolution HTML5. Playtech was founded in 1999 and is involved in both casino and online sports betting: it is the pioneer of omni-channel technology and, since 2018, has acquired Snaitech, thus controlling SNAI. It has nearly 6,000 employees; it is headquartered on the Isle of Man, off the coast of the United Kingdom.
  • Microgaming Microgaming: a name that needs no introduction. This software giant is most famous for slots, but has also developed some of the most popular bingo platforms. The company was founded in 1994 and has been steadily successful ever since. The bingo division of Microgaming is developed from the BingoTek software and offers numerous variants, in addition to the most played and known ones. There are titles of great appeal, based on movies or TV series such as Game of Thrones and Jurassic Park, but also progressive jackpot products, all perfectly optimized for mobile play. Not bad either is the promotional offer, which also includes loyalty and VIP programs.

The most important rules to know

Let’s now find out what are the main game rules established by Canadian online bingo sites. First of all, bingo is played by at least three people, and if one of the three has purchased more than 50% of the number of cards sold, the game is invalid. Each player can still purchase as many cards as they wish.

The draw phase begins with the first number or symbol and then with the subsequent ones, which will gradually materialize the winnings. The amount depends on the cards sold, the price and the percentage of the jackpot allocated to the various prizes for the room. The numbers awarded are in the combinations of online bingo (ambo, tris, quatern and so on).

How to win at online bingo

As anyone who has played bingo at least once in their life certainly already knows, bingo is a game where luck reigns supreme. That said, there are small tips that you can adopt to figure out how to win at online bingo, or at least have a better chance of doing so. We see them below.

  1. Beware of progressive jackpots, extra prizes linked to the achievement of certain conditions (bingo within a certain number of balls)
  2. Choose the right room: the more crowded ones have higher jackpots, but also lower chances of winning
  3. Don’t play too many folders at once: you won’t be able to follow the calls of the numbers and you will spend more
  4. Never go over your initial budget: consider bingo a pastime like going out for pizza, and adjust accordingly.
  5. Use only Canadian online bingo halls, therefore on platforms with a regular AAMS (now ADM) license.

As you can see, these are certainly not magic formulas, which after all in the game of bingo online real money does not exist, but simple advice dictated by experience and common sense. Always remember that bingo is fun and should never become an obsession: to try to win, however, choose the right room and understand the best progressive jackpots are undoubtedly good ideas.

History Overview

The current game offered by online bingo sites, which is popular all over the world, descends from a 16th-century ancestor called “Giuoco del Lotto d’Canada”. At that time, it was played on the streets of cities and people used corn seeds to mark the numbers on the boxes. Two centuries later, it spread to France, but we must wait until the 20th century to see the first version more or less similar to the current one. The scenario this time is the United States of America where it was introduced by a certain Hugh J. Ward, author also of a publication with all its rules. To make it popular in the States we thought a toymaker named Edwin Lowe who called it “Beano” because they used the beans to mark the numbers. The current name of the game, however, is due to a rather curious episode: a woman, during a particularly intense gaming session, was so excited by the possibility of winning that instead of calling the “Beano” stammered “Bingo”. In the forties, in Great Britain and in the States it became popular with the name of tombola.

With regard to real money online bingo, the first room appeared in 1996 and was called Bingo Zone. In the following decades, it became the favorite pastime of many European players, especially British. Today there are about 3 million users who play online every day. In Canada, the platforms that offer this game have spread with slight delay compared to other countries, but today players are very loyal and almost all the top Canadian online casinos make it available. The ADM online bingo are multiplying and with them the possibilities of fun!

One of the most challenging games you can find online

Seeing and considering the possibilities of winning the bingo bingo online offers, it is not surprising the popularity that is gaining in our territory, even thanks to the spread of mobile apps. But this is not the only reason why we like. First of all we can have fun even with just a little experience and with a very low investment. The emotional factor, moreover, should not be underestimated: it helps us to recreate a sense of community even on the Web, with the memory of holidays spent playing bingo with relatives. Online sites, finally, offer incentives and bonuses bingo. If you want to try them out all you have to do is consider one of the bookmakers suggested on this page.

Frequently asked questions

I want to conclude this page on online bingo games by answering some of the many questions I’ve received in the editorial office from new players about this topic and providing the right answers to make it clearer how to win at online bingo, or just have fun with the 2.0 version of the dear old bingo.

πŸ”What are the best online bingo sites in Canada?

To play the international version of the dear old bingo, we have chosen only the best performing casinos based on some important parameters of this game, such as variants, the possibility to play via app and the presence of specific promotions. The tips to win at online bingo, or at least to increase the possibility of earning interesting figures, for example by choosing the right room to play.

πŸ’° What prizes do you win at online bingo?

Depending on the variants of bingo you choose to play there may be differences in the prizes paid. Meanwhile, the jackpot depends on how many players are in contention and the amount invested, but with progressive jackpots there may also be prizes “stage” related for example to the achievement of a bingo in a certain number of folders.

❓ Where can I play online bingo with no deposit bonus?

The possibility of playing online bingo with no deposit bonus is present only with those operators (and they are now not many) that offer this promotion, which allows you to play without making any deposit on the game account. Among the operators of our top list, this chance is given for example by common historical roots, there are indeed differences between bingo and online bingo. Initially, bingo only awarded cards with a five or, indeed, a bingo. Today, however, there are variants that award combinations such as ambo, terno and quatern, just like bingo, and the differences are therefore more nuanced.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Is Canadian online bingo the same as foreign bingo?”

The online bingo everything is modeled, in its an operator such as SNAI.