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All information about the author of the site

Welcome to the information section that will provide you with information about me. My name is David Holley ๐Ÿง” and I am the main author and editor of this website. I have been frequenting the world of online gambling for many years now and this has allowed me to gain some experience in the industry and a relative competence on the subject. I have written these pages in order to share the knowledge gained so far with the general public of gamblers, in order to provide them with an overview of the online casino universe and to allow them to have fun while minimizing the percentage of errors. As far as my gambling career is concerned, I can say that I have previously started attending land-based casinos and then, a few years ago, I started playing in virtual casinos on the web.

After a constant and fervent activity at the latter I decided to examine their work through a comparative analysis of their main qualities in terms of games, bonus offer ๐ŸŽ, payment systems and security. With the modesty that has always characterized my vision of the world I allow myself to judge these assessments as highly reliable, specifying always and however that these are not reviews of a definitive and immutable nature.

A complex job but full of satisfaction

Proceeding to an evaluation of such size and accuracy has not been simple at all. The world of gambling is unfortunately enlivened by a large number of shady bookmakers who have often made my gaming activity problematic, making me waste time and money ๐Ÿ’ธ. But it is also true that, on the other hand, such negative experiences have allowed me to quickly refine the interpretative skills necessary to distinguish a dangerous operator from a reliable one. In the magnum sea of the online gambling these last ones are of the rest a rather representative slice, but not always easy to recognize and to identify. For this reason, in these pages, I decided to sponsor a close selection of operators who operate in the full extent of legality, holding high the flag of responsible gaming and clean gambling. You will find here detailed and transparent reviews on these bookmakers, but I want to emphasize that this list is not to be considered as definitive, as I am seriously considering the need to expand the work done so far and turn it into a real instruction manual for online gambling ๐ŸŽฐ in our country.I conclude here wishing you to find, through my suggestions, the most suitable casino for your gaming needs.

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If you need to ask me any further questions please do not hesitate to do so through this simple contact form ๐Ÿ“ง. I will personally endeavor to respond as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Please note that you can also find me on the most popular social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.